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Return policy

Juicy Lip Co offers a 7-day exchange back guarantee if the item is deemed defective. Item must be returned in its original state (partial returns not accepted). It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for any shipping costs (and transit costs if applicable). No refunds are applicable.
There are no refunds on promotional products unless the item is deemed to be faulty. If this is the case, we will happily exchange your product.
You are required to email Support@juicylipco.com if any item needs to be returned. Write “Return” in the subject line and specify the problem.
100% Money Back Guarantee

We have absolute confidence in providing the most effective at home Lip Plumping products in the world. So we have introduced our 100% Results or Money-Back Guarantee.
We guarantee that your lips will improve in size and fullness.
To qualify for our money-back guarantee simply follow the following instructions.

  • Take a clear close-up photo of your Lips before using our lip plumping products
  • Use our lip plumping products exactly as instructed in our instruction manual. Record yourself using it and show the lips before and after using the product.
  • Take a clear close-up photo after you’ve completed all applications (same lighting conditions as initial photo)
  • Email Support@juicylipco.com with your before and after photo attached
  • Once we have approved, then send back your product
  • Your refund will be processed once we have received the product in our warehouse

You have 30 days from the date received, to process a Money-Back guarantee application.